Imagine what your life would be like if you had the absolute clarity and confidence to step wholeheartedly into your path?

If you are ready to break through inner obstacles, master your mindset, lead from your soul, and light your spiritual vision on fire, this program is for YOU.

This Self-coaching Mastery course will take you on a journey from spiritual awakening to confident soul-centered leader so you can thrive in your own life, courageously honor and share your gifts, and live a life of purpose, meaning and contribution.

You will learn and experience psychospiritual tools, meditations, exercises, somatic work, and more, to help you understand and overcome the inner obstacles that stand in your way, so you can embody deeper psychological and spiritual maturity, and direct your life powerfully.

After this program, you will have the tools to transform your life.

As you journey through the modules, you will...

Learn and apply the basic theory and tools of psychosynthesis, a transpersonal psychology that integrates science and spirituality to accelerate the evolutionary potential of human consciousness

Deepen your presence and perspective of yourself and your relationship to the world

Gain incredible clarity on where you are and where you want to be

Learn to identify and work with the blocks that get in the way from living your ideal life

Understand the Science behind limiting beliefs and how to use a powerful step-by-step model to rewire your brain

Develop and strengthen your Will so you can make aligned choices that honor who you are and what you deeply and truly want

Apply the tools that you learn in a grounded and practical way to experience deep and lasting transformation

Work with the transpersonal quality of confidence, so you can embody confidence in yourself and your work

You get to journey through 5 online, self-paced modules...

Module 1: Reconnecting to the Truth of Who YOU Are

This first module is a deep dive into the question at the center of all of our hearts: Who am I? We will explore a deeper and wider context for your life, and the deep vision that you hold for how you are meant to live it in service to our world.

Module 2: Transforming Obstacles

The second module begins to look more deeply at the personality level obstacles that can unconsciously sabotage you from accessing your fullest potential in your life. We will get into the science of brain change, the step-by-step Psychosynthesis process, and you will begin to identify and work with one of your personality obstacles.

Module 3: The Way to Freedom

In the third module, we continue working with your subpersonality through this process, moving into Steps 2 and 3: Disidentification and Self-Identification. This will create deep freedom around this wounded part and allow you to gain insight as you reclaim your self and your freedom to choose.

Module 4: The Power of Decision

In the fourth module, you are going to learn all about your Will. Awareness and Will go hand-in-hand to help us not only know ourselves, but align our lives so that our choices we make flow from the truth of who we truly are and how we choose to live.

Module 5: Embodying the Change

In the last module, you will learn how to access and embody the transpersonal quality of Confidence which will support you when you need it in your day-to-day life. This module will take you through a series of exercises to feel and become more Confident in your life and work in the world.

...and you get bonuses!

Bonus: Module 6

Ten Powers for Confidence in Leadership, Embracing Failure as a Teacher, and Becoming a Magnetic Presence in Life and Business

Bonus: Awaken to Wholeness Course

The Universe Story and the Powers Within, The Great Turning, Psychospiritual Wholeness and Interview with Val Silidker and Brian Swimme

Bonus 3: Private Self-Coaching Mastery Facebook Group

Exclusive and private Facebook group with an incredible community of changemakers and emerging leaders

Bonus 4: Complimentary Integration call with one of our Master Coaches

1:1 call with a Master Coach to ground your experience with the program and support your next step

Laurie S.

"This is a life changing program. I feel like I have such a deeper and more practical understanding of so many topics related to Soul and Spirit."

Adam P.

"A most wonderful deep dive into the Self, gaining wonderful tools along the way to then be integrated and shared for the healing of our world."

Going through this program will invite you to experience deep freedom, so you can lovingly witness all of who you are and courageously choose how you want to live your life, as you step into your leadership potential. This work will strengthen your relationship to yourself and others, and transform your ability to participate in life to the fullest.

You were born with deep potential inside you. It’s time to answer that inner calling, expand your vision, and allow who you are to be FULLY EXPRESSED.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Joe M.

"This program infused my personal journey with an intelligent and resonant framework, and means of practice that brought the teaching alive in my daily life. Along the way, I found greater professional direction and the tools to manifest my vision."

Maria T.

"The Self-coaching Mastery program has helped me to embrace my humanness and embody my divinity all while being of service to our world."

Self-coaching Mastery Program + Bonus Teachings


Awaken to Wholeness Course


Private Self-Coaching Mastery Facebook Group


Complimentary Integration call with one of our Master Coaches



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Danielle Y.

"What a profound journey this program was. The liberation, self-love, and knowledge gained to be able to show up in my own Dharma service feels absolutely incredible."

Jonah N.

"This experience has opened my mind to new and grand horizons, and opened my heart to the potential for radiant beauty that we all carry inside of ourselves."