PSYCHOSPIRITUAL INSTITUTE (PSI) invites you to join us for our upcoming FREE class to learn about Transpersonal Psychology, Soul aligned Leadership, and meet our community. Plus, you will get to learn all about our Psychosynthesis Life Coach & Leadership Certification Program that starts this August 2024. 
 If you are drawn to coaching and care deeply about our world, and if you want a training program that goes much deeper than traditional coaching, join us on May 23 at 7pm ET to learn more.

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In this webinar, you will experience:

Transformational Coaching

Soul-Centered Growth

Evolutionary Leadership

You will learn some of the basic principles behind Psychosynthesis, including:
  • The Self as Loving Observer: In Psychosynthesis coaching, we work on supporting and empowering clients to witness themselves in a new way so they can develop their observation skills, deepen their relationship with themselves, and direct their lives with more awareness and aligned action.

  • Disidentification: Our sense of identity is often conditioned by our social roles, traumatic events, or conditioned belief systems. As a result, we do not recognize who we really are. Disidentification is one of the core principles that supports in the discovery of the self, who we are beyond the roles and the content of our consciousness. This leads to the experience of deep freedom.

  • The Will: Coaching helps people to become more aware of what they want and what's in the way. With Psychosynthesis coaching, we go even deeper than that by engaging and developing the Will to take action on our awareness. To live a life aligned with a deeper sense of meaning, purpose, and values.

  • Synthesis:  Psychosynthesis is a methodology of BOTH unity consciousness AND the development of our unique differentiated potential. It embraces the both/and, and recognizes new emergent possibilities within living systems. It deals with dynamic, creative tension in order to harmonize and transmute the seemingly conflicting elements. Its goal is wholeness, self-awareness, and authentic self-expression.

This webinar is for personal growth enthusiasts, new aspiring coaches, and seasoned coaches who want to serve their clients at the highest, most expansive, and deepest level possible.

(6pm cst. 5pm mst. 4pm pst.)









Psychosynthesis is a spiritual psychology, sometimes referred to as the science of the soul or a psychology of wholeness. It explores the evolutionary potential of human consciousness, and blends science and spirituality through 7 core concepts of transformation that address the whole person and our larger planetary shift.

This evolutionary methodology was developed over 100 years ago by Psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli, and forms the roots of the transpersonal psychology movement. Psychosynthesis is a revolutionary framework that creates psychological integration, and moves us into a process towards greater spiritual maturity. It includes personal mindset and then goes beyond to also include the collective, the social, the ecological, and the universal; It addresses our human need for meaning, purpose, and contribution.

Psychosynthesis has also inspired other psychological approaches such as Internal Family Systems.


Val is the co-founder, director and senior trainer of Psychospiritual Institute. She is a nationally Board Certified Coach (BCC) and Psychosynthesis Life Coach (PLC) and has been coaching individuals and facilitating groups for over 20 years, specializing in transpersonal psychology, leadership, eco-therapy, authentic connection work, and holistic business coaching. Val is also an international speaker, author of “Call of the Ecological Self", and has been featured multiple times on Hay House Radio, NBC, and USA Today, as well as numerous publications.

Val works with change-makers, emerging leaders and mission-driven entrepreneurs to inspire the highest level of mindset, purpose and action in their lives. Over the past two decades, she has produced close to one hundred large-scale mindful-living events, retreats, and workshops, and gratefully inspired the transformation of thousands of people world-wide.